Let's veganize the world - new brands added

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Guess what? It's a whole new week! What does that mean? New vegan brands are in town! Orange you happy you can finally shop for new peasful brands? Lettuce know which one is your favorite! Here is what you will find new this week:


CLOVE + HALLOW skincare + makeup

This brand has you covered with clean cosmetics made from real, natural ingredients that really work. They like their products like you like your people; non-toxic baby!


UNIGLITTER Vegan glitter

Spreading love, light and glitter, Uniglitter will take you to the unicorn land and gently turn you into an animal freedom warrior. Promise!


THE BIO D Cleaning products + Hand wash + Laundry liquids and powders & more

The Bio D products will help make your home so clean, you will forget about posting the photos of your vegan food to Instagram and start posting photos of your clean home instead.


LUNALIGHT Vegan jewelry

A beautiful handmade jewelry to enlighten your soul. Ethically made in Australia. They use zero animal by products within their materials, studio, design & packaging. Sounds pretty dreamy to us!


BENEVO Food for dogs and cats

Benevo provides real world alternatives to meat pet foods. Even though the ingredients are plant based, they are meant for your furry friends, not you.



At Veganized World, they’re crazy enough to think they can change the world. They create the uniform in which you’ll influence your dad, your grandmother and your neighbors to eat more veggies.


That's it for now.  Speak soon!




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