Crazy August Discounts!

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*** These discounts are now closed. Check out the latest updates in the Stylist and our newsletter for new discount options ***

There are days when hot summer weather lets you down and hits you in the face with sudden low temperatures and cold showers. The next thing you know, you see a brown leaf on the floor and you start freaking out; it is time to buy a new coat. Well, maybe not, but in case you are already thinking about cooler winter days, you should check out Vaute Couture; they are currently offering crazy pre-order discounts on their super warm coats! Osea will spoil you with free samples with every order and Susi Studio will turn you into a superstar. The one and only Miley Cyrus is wearing their shoes for Cosmopolitan’s September cover story. Yay!

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Clove + Hallow   skincare + makeup

20% OFF HOW? ***These discounts are now closed***


Osea   skincare

FREE samples with every order

30% professional courtesy discount to esthetics students, licensed estheticians and professional makeup artists


Vaute Couture coats + sweaters

Up to 40% ***These discounts are now closed***



Earn $50, $100 and $250 gift cards by gathering points (click on the check awards section to see how you can earn more points).


***These discounts are now closed***


Susi Studio

10% OFF ***These discounts are now closed***


& don’t forget


The Simply Co vegan laundry detergent



Tokyo Bags

15% OFF + Free intl. shipping HOW? Sign up to the brand’s newsletter


Au Naturale

20% OFF HOW? Sign up to the brand’s newsletter



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Lunalight 10% OFF

Melie Bianco 50% Off First Order

The Bio D Company 15% Off

Magpie Up To 70% Off

& don't forget:

Sonas Denim 20% Off first order

Ethcs 10% OFF


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