The Simply Co.


3-ingredient organic, vegan laundry detergent. Founder Lauren Singer lives a Zero Waste lifestyle and hasn’t sent any trash to a landfill since 2012. At The Simply Co. they strive to make the most sustainable cleaning products ever. All of the ingredients will always be listed on the packaging. On top of that, with every single decision they make they will consider the health of people's homes, bodies, and the environment.
At The Simply Co are not just going to make a “less bad” product with fewer toxic chemicals or kind of sustainable packaging, they are going to make products that are truly good.

GOOD STUFF: Vegan + 3 Ingredients + Safe for your home, your body & the environment + Cruelty-free + 100% OMRI and USDA certified organic ingredients + Packaged in a 100% recyclable glass jar with a 100% recyclable metal lid

AVAG says: They make detergents look cool!