VegVoyages want you to walk away from your adventure with much more than a few snapshots – they want you to become part of the destination and leave the country with a better understanding of its people, culture, history and let’s not forget fantastic food!
Founded by long time vegetarians/vegans and avid travelers with over twenty years experience living, working and organizing trips within Asia, VegVoyages’ aim is to provide you with exciting and unique “off-the-beaten-track” vegan adventures. The team loves their jobs and are passionate about sharing their excitement and affection for the countries their adventures run in. This is why they only go to destinations where they have personally lived and worked in and know closely; that way you get first hand knowledge of the region, its people, its cultures – and of course, its cuisines.

GOOD STUFF: Eco-friendly & Vegan Adventure Tours + Small Groups + No Hidden Charges