Kookie Cat

A new definition of purr-fect cookies. Kookie Cat transforms the cookie experience with a soft, chewy and mild sweet flavor. And the not-so-secret ingredient of love makes the final result purr-fectly delicious. And what about that black cat? She's the sneaky little bandit that used to steal bars from the office. In praise of the playful and mystical female nature of cats and cookies, the team behind the brand decided to create Kookie Cat.

GOOD STUFF: Handcrafted oatmeal & cashew cookies + Vegan + Gluten-free + A low glycemic index

AVAG says: Absolutely in love with these cookies, specially Vanilla Choc chips! These cookies are healthy so you can't judge yourself for having one or two (I am telling this to myself whenever I eat them, which is happening as I am typing this).