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Simply click on the relevant tag on the top right side of the AVAG website. Let's say you are looking for women shoes. Go to: FASHION - WOMEN - (filter) SHOES and voila! A list of gorgeous vegan shoe brands will appear on the screen. Once you click on the brand's image, simply click on the "Visit The Brand" tag that will take you to the brand's official website. Simples! And don't forget to snack on some of our favourite vegan snacks while you are shopping! Psst, you can find them in the LIFESTYLE - FOOD section ;) DISCLAIMER: this website includes some affiliate links that help us support our work and share the vegan brands with you. We truly appreciate your support!
All Vegan. All Good.
Stylist is a fun section where we share the latest and exciting vegan lifestyle, beauty and fashion related brands and stories. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the conscious trends!
Of course! All the time. There are plenty more of them out there that we cannot wait to share with you!
That's fantastic! Please do let us know about it. Maybe it is already on our list, ready to go live on the website, or maybe we haven't heard of it yet. Either way, we are constantly looking for new high-quality vegan brands that deserve big shout outs and more recognition.
You came to the right place! Sponsors help us spread the information about the vegan brands! Send us an email to: for more details and check the ABOUT section with OUR SPONSORS.
We are so happy to hear that you like AVAG :) Please do share the website with your friends, on social media or anywhere and with anyone who you think might be interested in vegan and conscious brands. Make sure you also follow us on our social media accounts. Thank you so much again for your support!
If you don't want your brand to be included on our website, please contact us on and we will remove it immediately.
Good question! Since there are (luckily) so many vegan food brands out there, we simply couldn't list all of them. Instead, we decided to focus on general vegan lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. We do, however, love to share some of our favourite vegan snacks with you.
If you spot a mistake, please do let us know about it so that we can fix/remove it! We are a super small team and mistakes do happen sometimes.
If the website looks skewed we're sorry, we're only human, we will try and get it resolved ASAP with your help. Just shoot us an email using our contact form, or alternatively send us an email through: :) Thanks a Bunch!