Image: Unsplash - Jack Antal

Image: Unsplash - Jack Antal

DISCLAIMER: Some of the brands mentioned below are ethical and sustainable, but not all of them are 100% vegan on this list. Before purchasing a specific product, make sure it is fully in alignment with your personal values. Lets make this earth a better place step by step :)





MAY LINDSTROM* all vegan except for The Honey Mud, which contains raw honey





image by  Unsplash

image by Unsplash


AMUR What? Luxurious sustainable & organic fashion brand for women Country: US

ALEC BIZBY What? Sustainable & ethically made fashion for men Country: UK

ARIZEN What? Ethical and sustainable fashion for women Country: US

GROCERIES APPAREL* What? Eco-friendly fashion brand for men and women Country: US

ECOALF What? Sustainable fashion for men and women Country: EU

JAN ‘N JUNE What? Sustainable fashion for men and women Country: EU

KNOWLEDGE COTTON APPAREL What? Sustainable fashion for men Country: EU

KOMODO What? Sustainable fashion for men & women Country: UK

KOTN* What? Sustainable & ethical fashion for men & women made of Egyptian cotton Country: US

LALF What? Sustainable, ethical & vegan tee brand for men and women Country: US

LA RELAXED For: Women What?: Ethically made + Recycled plastic bottles + Organic cotton Country: New Zealand


MILO + NICKI For: Women What?: Cruelty-free + Ethically designed + Sustainable + Zero-waste options Country: US

MUD JEANS For: Men & Women What?: Sustainable denim essentials + Organic + Ethical Country: EU

ONIKAS For: Women What?: Fair trade artisan apparel & accessories Country: US


PEOPLE TREE For: Women What?: Sustainable & Fair trade fashion Country: UK

PIC STYLE For: Women What?: Consciously selected, contemporary capsule wardrobe Country: UK

RAPANUI For: Men & Women What?: Sustainable and ethical apparel company Country: UK

RIZ Shorts For: Men What?: Shorts made from plastic bottles Country: UK

SILVERSTICK ! not 100% vegan For: Men & Women What?: Eco-conscious clothing for outdoor people + Made for life Country: UK

STORMIE DREAMS For: Women What?: Luxe fashion sourced sustainably + Ethically made to order in Los Angeles Country: US

SUDARA For: Women & Men What?: Providing hope and opportunity through living-wage jobs, skills training, and education Country: US

TONLE For: Women What?: Zero waste + Ethical fashion Country: US

THE REFORMATION* For: Women What?: Sustainable women’s clothing and accessories. Country: US

THOUGHT For: Women & Men What?: Ethical + Sustainable + Organic + Bamboo + Hemp Clothing. Country: UK

THTC For: Women & Men What?: Eco tee fashion since 1999 Country: UK


image by  Soko

image by Soko



Underwear & Nightwear

image via  Swedish Stockings


NAJA For: Women What?: Eco-conscious + Ethical underwear + Empowering women + Employs women in the slums of Colombia to make lingerie bags Country: US

NOCTU * not 100% vegan For: Women, Men & Kids What?: Organic cotton nightwear Country: UK

OSOM BRAND For: Women, Men What?: Socks made of recycled discarded clothing and textile waste + Ethically made + No toxic waste + ZERO water process Country: US

SWEDISH STOCKINGS* For: Women What?: Sustainable hosiery brand Country: US



image by  Veja

image by Veja

HUGO BOSS* - Vegan pinatex collection

VEJA (check out their vegan collection) For: Women & Men What?: Ecological sneakers Country: EU

VERDURA (mostly vegan & made of recycled fishing nets, but some of the soles are leather)


image by  MALIA DESIGN*

image by MALIA DESIGN*

BACK TO ECO For: Women & Men What?: Handbags & accessories designed from recirculated post-consumer jeans Country: EU

ELVIS & KRESSE *not 100% vegan For: Ethically made + Multi award-winning brand upcycle reclaimed materials into sustainable luxury lifestyle bags and accessories Country: EU



image by  ACCOMPANY*

image by ACCOMPANY*


AERENDE What?: Made in the UK by people facing social challenges Country: UK

BANBAYU What?: Ethically made artisan interior & lifestyle pieces Country: UK

DECORATOR’S NOTEBOOK What?: Ethical homeware and gifts made in small batches Country: UK

IAN SNOW What?: Handmade + Fairtrade + Bohemian Country: UK

MYAKKA What?: Fairtrade furniture Country: UK

TRAIDCRAFT What?: Fairtrade & ethical homeware Country: UK

WEST ELM What?: Homeware products by local makers, artisans and collaborators Country: International


product image by  Kjaer Weis

product image by Kjaer Weis

ANITA GRANT* The brand is not 100% vegan (their Rhassoul Deep Condishes contains honey).

ANTONYM* The brand is not 100% vegan (their lipsticks contain beeswax), but the brushes are. Yay! What? A natural & sustainable beauty brand made in EU. Packaging: Th compacts made of sustainable bamboo + Either recycled or FSC paper Country: US


GEOORGANICS* What? Georganics sustainable & plastic-free manufactures natural, organic and zero waste toothpastes and oral care Country: UK

GRUMS AARHUS What? Eco-friendly + Upcycled organic coffee grounds + Plant-based packaging + Made in denmark Country: EU

KJAER WEIS* (UK link) Buy here: The Detox Market (US*) What? A sustainable beauty brand made in Italy with most of the ingredients being natural and organic. The brand is known for their intelligent refill system which makes it almost zero waste. Country: EU

MAY LINDSTROM* (all vegan except for The Honey Mud, which contains raw honey) What? A luxurious beauty brand handcrafted using only the finest exotic and nutrient-rich ingredients that are: organic, bio-dynamic and wild-crafted. Packaging: Recyclable boxes and glassware. The lids are made of recycled paper pulp, and a glue derived from fruits and vegetables.  Country: US

VAPOUR What? A beauty brand with natural and organic ingredients with widely recyclable glass & aluminium packaging + Paper stock packaging printed with soy ink in a wind-powered facility. Country: US

THE ORGANIC SKIN CO What? Every time you purchase one of the products, the brand plant a tree + Ethically made + Organic ingredients Country: US

ZAO* (UK link) What? Organic makeup brand with sustainable and refillable packaging + 100% natural ingredients infused with vitamins and antioxidants Country: US

Online shops

BROTHERS WE STAND What?: Ethical clothing for men Country: UK

MAISON DE MODE What?: Luxury ethical fashion Country: US

MP WEARS What?: Colombian handcrafted accessories based in Miami Country: US

NOMAD TRIBE What?: An ethical fashion marketplace for all brands that are about creating a positive social impact Country: US

THE KIND STORE What?: Zero waste online shop Country: UK