Luxurious Vegan Handbags

Handbag by  Alexandra K

Handbag by Alexandra K

Finding a great quality and luxurious handbag that wasn’t made of leather was hard not even that many years ago. The struggle was real! Which is why I am so happy that there are now gorgeous vegan and cruelty-free handbag brands popping up all the time. Thanks to the growing demand for compassionate materials in the fashion industry, there are many vegan options and hopefully leather will soon be off the fashion menu.


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About the brand: Angela Roi is proudly sweatshop-free brand based in the USA. Its products are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Angela Roi is proud to stand against animal cruelty and do their best to support mistreated animals with the donations to local shelters and charities Price range: $$/$$$ AVAG Pick: Mia Mini Backpack - Black



About the brand: The concept of MeDusa came to life in 2009, when Israeli designers Gili Rozin Tamam and Adi Gal searched for a way to bring innovative textiles into the fashion and accessories industry. They were driven by the desire to create something completely new in the fashion accessory market, to take a relatively well-known material and use it in a groundbreaking and innovative way. Price range: $$ AVAG Pick: Premium Mini Clutch - Gold/Red


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Corkor is specialised in products made from cork. Inspired by the energy of the city and cork oak forests, the people behind Corkor became passionate about creating beautiful cork bags and accessories, highly functional and extremely well built. The brand is made from start to finish in Portugal.  Price range: $$ AVAG Pick: MINI CROSS-BODY BAG


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Each Jill Milan bag is made in Italy by artisans who craft the best luxury accessories in the world. Bags are sewn by hand and the metalwork on Jill Milan's bags is handmade. Jill Milan’s bags have been carried to events ranging from the Oscars to the Met Ball The brand is PVC-free , sweatshop-free and donates to numerous animal welfare organisations. Price range: $$$/$$$$ AVAG Pick: Art Deco Clutch - Gray


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The Vilma Boutique team believe in responsible, sustainable and planet friendly fashion. They are based in Greece and offer high quality vegan and unique handbags. The owner Vilma has her own studio in Athens, where she creates, designs and dreams. The brand is proud to be sweatshop free. Price range: $


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Alexandra K was founded as a high fashion brand with hand-made vegan bags. From the beginning veganism was the idea that the designer Alexandra wanted to show in fashion. She wanted to create a perfect handbag made of high quality synthetic fabric that would look and feel like real leather. The brand is environmentally responsible, fair trade and made in Poland. Price range: $$$ Buy here: The V Spot (AU)*


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From the start, being committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in the designs felt natural to the Matt & Nat team. Since 2007, they’ve been committed to using linings only made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. Matt & Nat has also recently introduced recycled bicycle tires to their collections. Price range: $$ AVAG Pick: Gessi Mini



Gretchen Christine exists as a result of the conviction that fashion and quality should be a standard not an aspiration. The team developed a vegan leather formulation that is indistinguishable from animal leather, that also aims to make a positive environmental impact. Gretchen Christine is committed to ethical sourcing and philanthropic outreach. Price range: $$/$$$ AVAG Pick: Jordyn - Crossbody Satchel in Nude



GUNAS is an independent high fashion label with a cause. Started in 2009 by a designer and animal lover, Sugandh G. Agrawal, GUNAS's heart and soul screams to be the voice of animals. Gunas’ mission is strong and clear; animals are not meant to be a part of fashion. We can look and feel good without harming other living beings. Price range: $$/$$$ AVAG Pick: Flamingo - Red



Lee Coren designs are Inspired by a mixture of two strong elements, urban surroundings and the need for escapism and a breath of fresh air. The collection features handmade screen printed fabrics and original prints from scenery captured on camera transformed into versatile essentials, built to last but never boring. The bags are Sourced and produced locally and ethically by Lee Coren. Price range: $$ AVAG Pick: Dulce Clutch - Blue

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